Your increasing customer spend system

how to run a bed and breakfastI’m just finishing up a week’s detox at a retreat centre and was marvelling at the upsell opportunities available at this small hotel.

During my stay they have very successfully and effortlessly quadrupled my room rate, and made me very happy.

Now, this is a detox retreat centre and they make most of their money on cures and treatments but that’s not all

They have literally pulled everything they do apart to ask the question – how can we add more value?

Let me give you an example….

They serve high quality healthy detoxifying meals.  Wouldn’t it make sense to offer a cooking class around how to recreate these meals at home?

And while we’re doing the cooking class, wouldn’t it make sense to offer a recipe book to include those recipes?

And how about offering some of the products used in those recipes?

And what about the special equipment used?

By simply offering this cooking class, the hotel had just added another revenue stream to their bottom line, while educating, entertaining and assisting us.  And we loved it.

Now I know this isn’t always possible for everyone

But I want to encourage you to pick what you do apart and ask yourself the question – how can I add more value?

Yes there may be some bureaucracy to overcome, or some legal compliance and there may even be some type of financial investment to make – notice I didn’t say cost.

Your job now is to evaluate the opportunity you’ve just spotted to see if the necessary financial investment is going to be worth your time.

  • This is literally how I built my business.
  • This is how John in New Zealand added an extra 20% to his annual revenue while being closed for 6 months
  • This is how Marie in the USA increased her business by 17% this by only increasing her occupancy by 12%
  • This is how Chris also in the USA had her best year ever in 23 years

There is hidden revenue streams in your business

How much do you want to tap into them?

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This isn’t for everyone

If you’re running a hobby business this isn’t for you

  • This program is for professionals who are serious about their business and who are willing to change what they’re doing to grow
  • They are already successful but know there’s more
  • They are fed up with discounting and being undercut by local competition
  • They’re fed up with paying commissions to online travel agents
  • They want more direct bookings
  • They need to find a way to charge more without losing business
  • They're looking for a way to fill rooms in the slow season
  • They are fed up with not being able to breakthrough an income ceiling
  • They’re ready to start 2017 with a new perspective for growth

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Can't wait to help you spot your opportunities

Yvonne x