Your Deepest Desires Matter

Aron-ralston-006Did you ever see that film, “127 hours,” where the guy falls down a canyon and has to cut off his arm to free himself, or he’ll just die there?

It’s not my kind of film either, but it taught me a couple of lessons.

When taking a leap or making a change two things have to happen… 

First the pain or discomfort of staying where you are and doing nothing or being in indecision is too great, and whatever happens you know that you just can’t stay where you are.

The second thing that has to happen, is that you have to have faith.  Faith in whatever transpires, it is going to be ultimately better that the situation you left behind.

Like cutting your arm off so you won’t die.

Before Aron Ralston decided that the moment had arrived where he had to get the knife out, he must have gone through hell in his mind.  No-one wants to cut off one of their own limbs, right?

And yet, as each moment went by and as he wrestled with the indecision, he got weaker physically, until the decision to start cutting seemed like the next obvious right step to take.  It became a “no brainer”.

You’ll know when the time is right for you, to do the next right thing for you, when you can’t stop thinking about it.  When it takes up your every thought during your waking hours.  When you wake up in the morning and it’s the first thing you think about.  Now it’s time to make your move.

What is that thing you deeply desire, that if you could make it happen, it would change everything for you?

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Cheering you on!


Yvonne 150 October 2014