Your Bed and Breakfast – Part 3



Hey, welcome back, it’s Yvonne here again and so far we’ve covered 2 of the 4 key elements you’ll need to put your focus on to start, run and grow a successful B&B business anywhere in the world.

Today we’re talking about the third – Systems

You know many established owners believe they’re in the B&B business, but actually they’re not.  They’re in the business of sales and marketing, and the product is they sell is B&B

And to do sales and marketing well, you’ll need training and mentoring and some robust systems to make it work

Systems are the “engine” of your business, when set up well will work on their own without much effort from you.

So what are they?

Your first system is your upselling system that happens automatically when a guest books.  There are some key elements involved in this system, but for now just know that you absolutely must be thinking about what else your new guest would love to buy that will make their stay more enjoyable, while simultaneously increasing your bank account.

Your second system involves you making offers to your past guests, so they’ll come back and buy from you again.  Many established owners rely on a monthly newsletter to create bookings, but I know from my own experience and from that of many clients over the past 7+ years that newsletters are generally boring and don’t create bookings on demand.  Your system must be able to do that for you, so you avoid the cash flow worries of the low seasons

If you’re new maybe you don’t yet have any past guests, but you will do soon enough, and it’s important to remember that you’ll be implementing this system at some point, if not right now

The third system is your guest attraction system.  If you’re established and you’re still relying on online travel agents to bring you guests and paying their commissions, and you’re fed up with that, then pay close attention.

If you’re new and you’re wondering whether to list with the online travel agents, because you don’t yet know how to attract guests yourself, then I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you think, and it’s got nothing to do with complicated search engine optimisation!

I’ll be diving deep into what having these three systems in place and working for you like a well-oiled machine can do for you, whether you’re still in the planning stages, just starting out or you’re established on my upcoming free live training, so if you haven’t registered yet, click on the link below and I’ll see you there