What kind of experience are you offering?

internet surfingWhether you're running a small bed and breakfast or a larger guest house, inn or small hotel, when your potential guest finds you online, the moment they land on your website, view your Facebook page, read your reviews on Trip Advisor, Google your place, that is the moment, that their experience with you begins

Up until this point, they have not interacted with you personally, but they know who you are

You don’t yet know who they are

Until they decide to hit that “Book now” button, pick up the phone or send an email they are not yours

When they take that step – BOOM!

They are yours!

It’s your job now to initiate an experience for them

Introduce yourself

Tell them what to expect and how you can help

Offer some of your local expertise so they can plan their stay

Offer more of your products and services that will help them have an amazing time with you

Make life easy for them

Take away the need for them to think

Make that experience with you so good, they love you forever

Like a marriage!

This kind of experience will stick in their minds forever

You will stand out from the crowd

They’ll be referring you to their friends and family

They’ll be raving about you

Your job is to use their ravings to attract more like them

So that more and more people can experience your warmth and love

When you do this, you’ll never have to worry about attracting more guests

Your raving fans will do your job for you

Think this all sounds too hard?

Want to know how to do it well and

  • Reduce your dependency on the online travel agents
  • Attract the guests YOU want to attract at the prices YOU want to charge
  • Work smarter not harder

And more

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Dedicated to your success

Yvonne x