Why I Do What I Do

Over the past 6 years I’ve been helping B&Bs, guest houses, inns and small hotels to increase their direct bookings, pay less in commissions to online travel agents, fill rooms in the low seasons, charge more and work less, freeing up their time to spend with those they love.

The side effects of those changes have been more confidence, stronger boundaries, fewer disgruntled guests and the consequent negative reviews, and increased happiness.

Clients like Marie, who in just one season, increased her turnover by 23%, Yvonne who increased hers by 38%, and Shelley by 67%.

And John, who increased his turnover by 20% while being closed for 6 months.

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And then there’s the feeling of peace that comes when you put yourself in the driving seat of your business, and are no longer at the mercy of discount seekers, Airbnb or any other competition.

All this and more is available to you too.

But you may be wondering how I came to be doing this work.

How I started to be a Bed and Breakfast Coach

In 2000 I opened a B&B in rural France as a hobby, for me while my husband was travelling with his job.  It was just for fun.

In 2005, he was laid off, so we closed the B&B, rented out our home and returned to the UK and started a business. At that time the internet was exploding in the UK and there were gurus everywhere peddling internet marketing as the answer to everything.

I spent a small fortune buying courses and mentoring from some of those gurus. I persisted and studied hard, learning all the marketing tricks in the book, but we still lost our business in the crash of 2008.

Fast forward to January 2010 and we’re back in France, where my little hobby B&B business is suddenly our only source of income.

So with the gas cut off and the bailiffs at the door with papers to re-possess our home, and no money in the bank, I decide to put all that internet marketing knowledge that I learned in the UK into my B&B business and within 2 years it was making over €100,000 

I then put all my knowledge into an online group coaching and mentoring program called Bed and Breakfast Business Transformation which is where clients learn how to run their business their way.

Bed and Breakfast Business Transformation Group

This year, I’m working with just 36 clients who want to finally take control of their time and their income, stop relying on the online travel agents, stop working 24/7 and make more money so they can enjoy their business, their guests and their lives.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with the type of guests the online travel agents attract, or guests who don’t read the description and cancellation policies and then complain about the accommodation not being what they expected, or having no time to yourself, working 14 hour days or even just overcoming your ignorance of technology, then let’s talk.

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