running a bed and breakfast

Why Bed and Breakfast owners need to get help

The first thing all stressed out, time poor Bed and Breakfast owners must do is to get some help with the cleaning, laundry and gardening/yard work

But you can’t afford it, right?

I hear you

You believe you’re saving money by doing it all yourself

What you’re really doing is selling yourself short on every level

On the level of time is money and every minute you spend doing those chores, is another minute you could be spending connecting and building relationships with guests, past, present and future

On the level of self-worth, in the way you perceive yourself and consequently the way your guests perceive you, and to be seen and act like someone who cleans toilets for a living is diminishing your value as a professional business owner

On the level of how much you can charge for your accommodation, because someone who sees themselves as a cleaner (if only for some of the time) will never be able to charge premium prices however luxurious the rooms, or delicious the breakfast.

So not getting the help you so desperately need, is costing you on all fronts, and you’ll never be able to get ahead of the competition and genuinely position yourself as the valuable person you are for your guests, when you’re stuck in the “I have to do it all myself” mindset

Not in a million years

So if you’re still defending your position on this, and reeling off all the reasons (aka excuses) as to why you can’t get any help, then welcome to the rest of your life

It won’t get any better than this

You’ve already gone as far as you can

I wish it wasn’t true

But it is

how to run a bed and breakfast






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