Whitney Houston, Success Thinking and Your Bed and Breakfast Business

It was a sad day for me last weekend, when we learned of the death of Whitney Houston, an icon of the entertainment industry who touched our hearts with her marvellous voice.  Whitney herself stated that she was her own worst enemy and her own best friend, depending on what demons were rolling around in her head.  Clearly the enemy demons had got the better of her lately and caused her to under-perform at recent concerts.  Such a shame, and such a waste of talent.

We all have demons in our heads, and depending on how much control we exercise over our minds, they will have an effect on our behaviour and ultimately our results.  The things we say to ourselves and to others will have an effect on how things turn out for us.  If we talk positively we will have positive outcomes and if we talk negatively, then we will have negative outcomes.   Studies have shown that no two people’s reality is the same, and each reality is formed by our own unique perspective on the world.

But it’s not just about positive thinking.  We’ve all had experiences where positive thinking just doesn’t work.  I know I have!   It’s more about our deep core beliefs, and how we see ourselves.  But what does this have to do with running a Bed and Breakfast business?  Let me explain…

If we believe that we don’t have any particular value to offer people, then we will find ourselves discounting prices and driving our businesses into the ground.

If we believe that the economy is going down the drain and that we are going with it, then we might find that comes true for us.

If we believe that we don’t have the money to invest in ourselves to learn how to make the changes we know we need to make, then we won’t make that investment, and nothing will change.

As Albert Einstein said, “you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”, and “to keep on doing the same thing and expect different results is the definition of insanity”.

How we think is the foundation of anything we create, and this is the first Key we focus on in my Coaching Programs, because if we’re not thinking right, then nothing will come right, and our money and our efforts will be wasted.