What to do when it’s not working

time for expansionSometimes we do the work, we set everything up, we test it, and we put it out there and get no results.  It’s disappointing, I know.

In marketing, everything is a test.  It’s our job to keep testing and tweaking until we have something that works.  You might get lucky and hit the bulls-eye on your first shot.  You may not.  Your job is to keep going, even though you may be discouraged.  Your job is NOT to give up.

Here’s what to do instead…

  • Go back to the basics
  • Start at the beginning again
  • Study, learn, get help
  • Measure your results – the numbers don’t lie and it beats guessing
  • Keep showing up for yourself and your guests, despite everything

Let’s get real here:

Going back to the basics, means studying again the material you studied when you embarked on this journey called marketing.  If you just picked up tit-bits from here and there, then resolve to invest properly in the education and help you need.  The free stuff is never the whole picture, and nor should it be.  Don’t be cheap, invest.

Start at the beginning again.  One of my coaches told me once that her most successful client had studied her material over and over and over and over until she could practically recite the words.  Hearing or seeing something only once is never enough to start creating those new neural pathways that lead to change inside yourself, which results in a different external experience.

You’ve got to go over it again and again until you’re living it and doing it on a daily basis, like it’s your new normal, not just something you do now and then.

Study, learn and get help.  That means paying someone to help you learn marketing.  Ideally someone who has done what you want to do to get the results you want to get.  Choose wisely, there are a lot of people out there ready to take your money for unproven, untested ideas that may or may not work.

Measure your results – the numbers don’t lie and it beats guessing.  One of my clients recently said to me, “it’s not working”.  To which I responded – which bit?  Silence.  If you don’t measure what you’re doing, such as how many people are opening your emails, how many people are clicking through to your webpage, how many people are taking the action you want them to take, then how do you know it’s not working?

I recently ran a test on a series of emails to a group of people, and I found that Saturday and Sunday mailings produced twice the number of click thrus.  Who knew?

Keep showing up for yourself and your guests.  When things aren’t going as well as you would like, you have two choices – give up or push through.  In other words, contract or expand.  If you choose to contract and cut down on marketing, then I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you had pushed on through.  Because you can’t “unknow” what you know.

And the worst thing is that at some point in the future, others will finally start doing what you already knew how to do years ago but didn’t push through with it, and you’ll kick yourself.  Seriously, I’ve been there, too many times to mention here.

So if things aren’t working for you, get your head straight, pick yourself up and go back and start again.  You’ll be glad you did.

Yvonne x






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