What to do next….

fall coloursIf you're living in the northern hemisphere (like me) then you'll be winding down to the slower season now.  I hope you've had a great high season and that you've got plenty of money in the bank to see you over to the start of the next season.

Many B&B owners I speak to, don't and that's very sad.

At this moment, you should be focusing on getting those delighted past guests to return, and giving them a compelling reason to do that and refer their friends and family.

Sounds easy, right?  So why don't B&B owners do it?

There's a process to it to make it work effectively, and so often, crucial steps are missed out and the results are disappointing, which leaves many owners feeling bad about themselves and even worse about the state of their finances over the winter.

The problem that most face is their inability to keep the conversation going.  Like with a friend.  You keep in contact with friends because you value the relationship.  The same must be true of past guests.  They are your easiest source of extra money, when you need it.

That doesn't mean you need to beat them over the head to hand over their cash, but it does mean valuing what you have to offer and making it accessible and available to past guests, so that they feel like you care, otherwise it could look like you don't.

Here's what to do now…..

  • Step 1 – Think of something you could create that would have those precious past guests come back this winter
  • Step 2 – Gather up your list of past guests this year and send them an email about your new offer
  • Step 3 – Follow up with them and get them booked in.

I'm running a special 4 week intensive starting on September 28th which teaches you how to do this easily and simply and with no new technology to buy 🙂

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To your success

Yvonne x

Yvonne 150 October 2014