What fascinates you?

dog fed upSometimes things just don’t go the way we planned and we feel discouraged.

Sometimes we think we’ve done everything right but it still hasn’t worked.

Why is that?

On our weekly coaching call, one of my lovely clients was stuck. She had gone through the process of making a couple of offers to her past guests and she hadn’t got any results.

“But I did what you said” she said….

Yes, she had, so why didn’t it work?

It could be many things, but here’s what we found out…

She was not “aligned” to the thing she was selling. What does that mean? It means that she wasn’t particularly inspired by it. It didn’t float her boat. It didn’t really interest her. She was offering it just to make money.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re all in business to make money, but that should not be the primary reason you do anything. People will feel it and you will come across as a fake.

So how do you know if you’re “doing it just for the money” or doing it because you’re inspired by it, fascinated by it even?

Here’s some questions to consider….

If I pull this off, will it make me happy (even without the money)

If I pull this off, will I really enjoy delivering this service?

Does this thing I’m proposing to others actually appeal to ME?

Would I buy this, and why?

When we know ourselves better and what fascinates us or makes us tick, then it becomes far, far easier to inspire others to check out what we have, because we are aligned with it, and people feel that and are drawn to it.  This is the best way to stand out from your competition, charge higher prices and have a business that you love.

In a world where everyone is trying to make a quick buck or screw somebody else just to put food on the table, people are searching for experiences that speak to their deepest desires and the people who can deliver them.

What emerged from this coaching call earlier this week, was another client who is obviously passionate about cooking started doing some videos of herself preparing food and giving away her recipes. She has a new Facebook page up and running with 71 likes in less than 24 hours and two videos posted! CLICK HERE to check her out and like her page here:

What fascinates you?  Please leave me a comment below and let me know

Yvonne x