What Clients Say

Marie Davies – Lehmann House, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

8 Record Breaking months since working with Yvonne

Before this year, I ran my business as I had always run my business, since starting in 1989. My philosophy had been to keep expenses as low as possible to make money vs. increasing business through marketing for more business or increasing income through add-on amenities. I operated from a position of scarcity and desperation.  I felt I had to get guests in the door, even if that meant making a deal, caving to demands for discounts and even signing away control of my business by signing up with Online Travel Agencies.   I also wasted a lot of money paying to be listed with dozens of bed & breakfast online directories, both hoping I would attract business through them, through their advertising and because I felt if the other 14 area bed & breakfast were listed there, I should be, too.

I was finally to push past the uncomfortable feelings of trying something completely different—and unheard of, yet knowing I had to if I was going to pull ahead of my competition and truly be successful at this business. I started working with Yvonne at the first of the year and since I have begun implementing the changes and strategies I have learned, I have had eightrecord breaking months in the past 12 months

I have been changed in many ways. Through Yvonne’s encouragement, as well as the support from the other members in the group, I felt nurtured, encouraged and supported.  I felt very connected to all members of the group which kept me going and growing. I have been motivated to change bad habits—procrastination and doing things the old way. I have been encouraged to face my fears—fear of social media, fear of looking stupid, fear of the unknown, and fear of success. I have become more confident in my abilities as both an innkeeper and in my personal life as well, by taking charge of my business. And most importantly, through learning and then implementing techniques taught,  I’m excited once again to run my business and I’m having fun doing so.

I feel a renewed confidence from being successful.  The feelings of desperation and scarcity are gone. And all of these changes are making me a better innkeeper, attracting more guests and providing those guests with a very positive experience. Clearly it’s paid off as seen in the immediate and consistent increase in business I have experienced since early January 2016.

John Davidson – St Andrew’s Escape, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Takings increased by 20% even though we were closed for 6 months

After building our B & B business to the point that it was almost profitable, but I was working too hard for too little return, I realised that I needed someone to guide me in directing my energies where they were most needed and to get out of some of the mundane time-greedy tasks. Otherwise I would never be able to build the business further, let alone enjoy working in it.

Yvonne Halling has been of enormous help and over a few months working 1:1 together, she has motivated me to take the steps to make my lovely property a success both economically and personally.

Within one season I have increased takings over 20% even though we were closed for 6 months while we renovated two of our rooms.

I’m also finding more time for tasks that were haunting me for failing to attend to the previous year. Tasks I preferred doing but was too ‘time poor” to do.

I’d strongly recommend any B & B operator to get Yvonne’s help to get them past their stumbling blocks and create a business that works and that they really enjoy.

Mary Ellen Hagglund, Mainstay Oasis, Port Moody, Canadae

Changed my business focus completely

I now enjoy my BnB and have let got of OTAs which has given me peace and a new confidence. Last year was my best ever so I’m doing a lot right and your perspective and leadership has been a big part of that.
Thank you

My business is so much more fun now

Chris Mason, Parish House Inn, Ypsilanti, USA

Enquiries Tripled, Reservations Doubled

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Shelley Wright, Carbon Country’s Shady Rest, Washington, USA

Freed up my time and got my life back

Barbara Martin, Bluebell House and Charles House, Windsor, UKSA

I’m on track to double my business in 2017 and I feel like a new woman

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Amanda Clark, Plas-Llwyd, Llandudno, Wales, UK

Terrific advice and tips

Yvonne, thank you for your call & all your helpful advice. I will study my notes & take action! You offered terrific advice & tips. The one I really will use is the notice that I am not at home, must manage my time this time to prevent burnout again.  I really appreciate your kindness.

Madeline – Atlantic Heights, Galway

You are a big reason I have been a successful beginner B&B owner

Thank you so much Yvonne for the past 10 months of building my B&B into my life. I have learned a great deal and have put much of it into practice. I still have a lot to do and am determined to make it happen.
You are a big reason I have been a successful beginner B&B owner and am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn so much from you.

Sharon Bennett, August Morning B&B, Orillia, Canada

Boosted my confidence and motivation

I was introduced to Yvonne through a mutual acquaintance and I admit I was a bit skeptical when I first contacted her. Having run our B and B for 14 years, which admittedly only covered the running expenses of our house, what could anyone possibly teach me? How wrong I was!  To begin with I signed up for Yvonne’s free 8 part e-course and as soon as I read through part one I realised just how much she knew about the business and how inspiring her story was! She then offered me a free introductory chat and I was so impressed that I enrolled for a 1:1 one hour “webinar” to see just how much my B and B could be making by using her amazing B and B calculator and also to get her expert view on what was working, what wasn’t and what could be done to turn my activity around from being “a means to an end” to a profitable business venture.

Just one session with Yvonne has helped me to pinpoint what needs to be and can be done urgently without massive physical and financial investment and to take a step back and look objectively at what I’m doing.

Elizabeth Floriant, Maison Marthe, France

Changed my business focus completely

I have been working with Yvonne since the 1st of September and it has changed my business focus completely. I have decades of business experience under my belt but not in the area of running a B&B and at a very minimum having the key business metrics to hand from Yvonne’s years of experience has brought an essential clarity to my efforts.

I have many business ideas floating around, some more well researched than others, but even in a short conversation with Yvonne the focus that her One on OneMentoring brings, cuts through all the noise and at the end of the call voila you have a stong, clear business idea to grab and run with.

So even if you are like me and have years of business experience in other areas, the focus and experience Yvonne has in the B&B business can bring a crystal clear clarity to the direction of your business which you would struggle on your own for years to achieve – I highly recommend this course

Maeve Hoffman, 23 years business experience, 6 months B&B experience and learning

Comtesse Maeve Hoffman, Chateau De Puybelliard, France