We need you today!

HelpToday's post is about the power of community to make something happen, and today, we need you and your community!

We're launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our commission-free booking portal which means that if you register your property, hook up your online reservations system with ours, visitors to our portal will be able to book directly with you, like they do on your website – totally free of charge for all concerned!

If you want to synch to channel managers or even change your online reservations system to ours, then naturally, there's a fee for that.

But that's not what this post is about, and I don't need your money today (that comes later :))

Today, we need your online social network.  Let me explain.

We need to reach as many people as possible before we launch the crowdfunding campaign.  So we've set up what's called a “Thunderclap” campaign where with just one click (and no money will change hands) you can add your social network to ours.  Then Thunderclap will send out ONE message on behalf of all us to all our social networks.  Then it disappears from whence it came – into the ether, never to broadcast on our behalf again.

Please CLICK HERE to help us build this portal, for the benefit of us all.  Oh and did I mention there's free gifts too?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Yvonne x