Ups and Downs of running a bed and breakfast business

You’d think that by the look of everything we see on social media, that everyone is doing SO well, and it can sometimes be demoralising if we’re having an off day.

But it’s not you

People lie all the time. Even, or especially, about how great their life is.

Self-employed small business owners like us are prone to frequent bouts of ups and downs.

In the past couple of weeks alone, as I’ve been reaching out to help people, some who I thought had it all together, have confided in me about their general disillusionment with life and their business.

Heck, two of my lovely long-time clients have decided to sell up and move on.

It happens

And if you’re at that stage where it doesn’t make any sense any more to carry on, well then, just stop.

No-one will judge you but yourself

It’s YOUR life and you get to choose what you do

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See you on the inside

Yvonne x

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