Trip Advisor – It’s official, we are finished!

t4b_logo2What a wonderful partner Trip Advisor used to be.  Before, guests used to write lovely things in our guests books, and the only people who saw those glowing remarks were the people who came to our B&B, that is, the ones who had already made the buying decision.

But Trip Advisor changed all that for us.  For a reasonable monthly fee, it provided us with the tools to show our wonderful reviews to the world and encourage others who had not yet made the buying decision to come and stay.  The relationship was good, we were in love.

But then something changed.  Trip Advisor became possessive and greedy.  It had an affair with and other online travel agents and suddenly we had to cohabit or else be penalised by them and their misleading information on our business pages, and lose the ability to convert those browsers into website visitors via our direct link, unless we towed the line.

Then along comes another partner Trip Connect.  The new kid in town that connects our business page on Trip Advisor to our very own online booking systems on our websites.  For an extra cost of course.

So now we are being informed of an increase of 37.2% in the monthly rate just to have a business page on Trip Advisor’s site, which no longer converts to website visitors because we are not in bed with their online travel agent partners, nor do we want to pay per click to get page visitors to our website via their Trip Connect service, when we are already paying for the priviledge of having a page on their site anyway.

So now Trip Advisor, we are finished.  I loved you once, but no more.  See you around.

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