How Bed and Breakfasts differentiate between transactional and emotional

What’s the difference between a “transactional” purchase and an “emotional” one and why is it important to know?

First a transactional or mechanical purchase is something where no emotion is involved in the decision-making process.  Like doing the weekly grocery shop or buying car insurance, or choosing an internet service provider.

Those purchases are pretty much emotion-less and are driven by price, value and budget.  There’s not much you can say about these that would make my heart skip a beat!

Buying a car, a home to live in, or a wedding dress are emotional purchases.

Advertisers know this, that's why they spend fortunes on glossy brochures, TV ads and dream-like photos.

Choosing a vacation or weekend away or accommodation for a family get together is very much emotional too

Potential guests who come to your website will look at your text and your photos and if they feel the pull on their heart-strings they are much more likely to click on that “book now” button.

Why is this important?

The challenge is that the big online travel agents have turned what is essentially an emotional purchase into a transactional one based on price and budget.

If you’re listed with them, you’ll know how often people book, cancel, don’t show up etc. because you have been unable to establish that emotional connection via those platforms.

And you may also know that those who book directly via your website produce less cancellations and no-shows.

There’s a direct correlation between the emotional connection, the quality of the guest and the likelihood of cancellation.

Have you noticed that?

However, if the words on the home page of your website are not creating that little flutter in the hearts of your potential guests, you will be much less likely to lead them to that button.

Take a look at your website home page text and ask yourself:

  • Do these words convey the value of the experience I deliver?
  • Do these words invoke an emotional response from the reader?

When you read the words you’ve written, you’ll be able to tell

If they don’t do these two things, then it could be time to revise them.

As small hospitality businesses, we are in the business of creating emotional experiences that guests will remember long after they’ve checked out.

And it starts as soon as they land on your home page.

And just until the end of today, we’ll also create 10 bite-sized keyword rich blog posts to get you noticed by Google (and therefore your potential guests) and we’ll design you a beautiful new logo that you can use anywhere you go around the web (worth $120)

Keep in mind that your website is like your front door.  You want people “knocking” on it all day long, and then you can entice them to look around.  The longer they’re engaged with what you’ve got, the longer they’ll stay, and the chances of them hitting that lovely, shiny “book now” button dramatically increases.

With love and blessings

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