The real reason you’re using online travel agents

hidingToday I want to give you some real insights into what I see going on in this industry.

Pull up a chair and sit down, because you may not like it

So here goes…

The real reason you’re using OTAs to bring you guests, is because it’s easier

You can hide

You can stay in your “comfort zone”

You don’t have to put yourself “out there” and risk criticism or rejection

You can blame them

You can complain about them

They can be the enemy

You don’t have to take responsibility

I get it

It’s human nature to want to remain inside the perceived safety of the group.

It’s indoctrination and programming that stops us raising our heads above the parapet and say “hey, look at me”

Tall poppy syndrome

Sit down, shut up and do as you’re told

At least that’s how it was for me when I was growing up

If you were fortunate enough to have parents that encouraged freedom of expression and expansion towards what you wanted in life, then you don’t need me to tell you that you were one of the lucky ones.

The rest of us had to work on that constricting programming

Every day


Think about it, what’s really stopping you from putting a photo of yourself on your website?

Or putting a photo of yourself on Facebook

Or telling your story on your website

Or writing about interesting things for people to do in your area on your blog

Or sending out regular communications to past guests

Or stepping forward and owning your local knowledge and expertise

There’s only one thing stopping you

And it’s inside your head

Relying on OTAs to bring you guests means you don’t have to step forward, you don’t have to differentiate yourself, you don’t have to stand out and somehow that might feel safer for you.

But what about those commissions?

What about the psychological grip of their control?

What about your dream for your business?

What about you?

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Dedicated to your success

Yvonne x