The Power of Knowing Your Target Market

Yesterday, Peter from French Entrée, a British magazine specialising in everything French for British Francophiles, phoned me to tell me about a great deal he could give me on some advertising space.  He went on to explain that French Entrée would be at the France Show in January, happening in London and that they would be distributing the magazine to over 180,000 people.  He was delighted to be able to offer me, a past customer, a special deal of just £130 for a quarter page ad.  What a bargain, he said!


In the past 12 months, I have had almost 9,000 visitors to my website, and they have booked a total of 647 rooms.  50% of them bought dinner, 20% of them booked a champagne tour with Jiles, our champagne expert, several bought our books on the region, took picnic lunches, champagne, and some bought our App.  Many of them have been here before several times, and came back this year with their friends and family.

None of this has cost me anything, apart from my time writing blogs, newsletters, keeping in touch with my community of over 1000 past guests, giving them reasons to return, doing short videos, posting photos, helping people on forums and on the social networks.  All of which I love to do.

We specialise in helping people discover the hidden gems of Champagne, through tours, tastings and our extensive network of local producers.  We offer an experience that they wouldn’t find on their own.  We are their experts in our local area.

Ah but, Peter said, how do you know some of the people at the France Show won’t be your target market?  I don’t, I said, but many of them won’t be, so why would I spend £130 advertising to them when they’re not interested?  And he agreed with me!

Life becomes so much easier when you KNOW who you are serving. Who do you want to serve?