The dangers of listing with airbnb

upset personJust the other day, I noticed an article by the BBC about a London Airbnb host whose properties had been de-listed for no reason, even though his reviews were good, his listings were good and he had been with them for some time.

And the sad thing is, there isn’t a single thing he can do about it.

Quite simply, overnight in a single stroke, his entire business has been ruined.

This could happen to anyone, because here’s the truth – they don’t really care about us. Not one jot.

Even if you’ve been doing everything right, as William in London had, there is no telling what these giants will do next, and that puts you in a very dangerous situation indeed, especially if like me, putting food on the table depends on you getting guests.

What can you do instead?

Build your OWN business.

Learn how to attract guests yourself.   There are more than 3 billion people online now – how hard can it be to find some of them yourself who want to come and stay with you?

Learn how to use the internet to your advantage, instead of being used by it.  Listing with these giants is OK just to get you started and bringing some money in, but it should never be your only strategy in the long term.

Put some systems in place to attract guests and keep in touch with past guests, so even if you are using the online travel agents right now, it's not forever and you can leave them when you're ready, instead of running the risk of them deleting your listing.

Resolve to take your business seriously and get with the technology that you can put to work for you. It will not only make you more professional, it will free up your time. Time to work on learning new skills to market YOUR business, instead of sitting waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Get some help, get out of your own way and get to work – it’s just too risky not to.

CLICK HERE to read the BBC's article, then come back and leave a comment below and let us know what you think, and if you're listed with these giants, what you plan to do. 

Rooting for your success, as always 🙂

Yvonne x






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