Success, and how to achieve it

One of the key essential elements you must have in place when taking your Bed and Breakfast business from “hobby” to “professional” is the success mindset.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I've put together a list of characteristics of “wannabes” and “willbes” meaning the difference between people who say they “wannabe” successful and those that eventually “will be”.  Which group do you fall into?


Characteristics of “wannabe” successful people:

  • Makes excuses and blames the economy
  • Think that it's alright for “them” but it won't work for me – I'm different
  • Afraid to learn new things
  • Don't invest in themsevles
  • Don't invest in their business
  • Don't take action
  • Thinks in terms of “cost”
  • Afraid to change

And now the characteristics of  “willbe” successful people:

  • Takes responsibility and makes their own economy
  • Thinks that if it's worked for “them”, it will work for me
  • Embraces life-long learning
  • Knows that constant investment in their own personal development is the only way to achieve success
  • Invests in their business consistently and measures results
  • Takes massive action
  • Thinks in terms of “return on investment” rather than the cost
  • Is afraid to change but knows that changing will bring better results, and makes the changes anyway

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