Special Champagne Experience Retreat – Day 5

After four days of personal and business transformation, Day 5 is when we get to play 🙂

I've invited my husband and Champagne Expert, Jiles Halling to take us all on a tour of the vineyards, champagne houses and tastings, meeting the people and places ordinary people would never have access to or even find.

We'll start with a big name brand, cellar tour and private tasting, followed by a tour of the region, and onwards to lunch with one of his favourite small independent champagne producers, where we'll get insider secrets from the people who make the bubbly

It's a fascinating day, and you'll be able to bring your spouse/partner along for this fabulous day of celebration with the world's most famous celebration drink

Ready to find out how you can be part of this exclusive retreat for a small group at a luxurious private destination in the heart of Champagne, then click below to book your call with me now. Limited places