Special Champagne Experience Retreat – Day 1

The way we see the world, our own reality is created between birth and 7 years old, by the beliefs handed down by our parents or carers, unconsciously

Those unconscious beliefs are embedded into our psyche and left unexamined, will run our entire lives

This may or may not be a good thing. If your childhood was happy and loving then you may have a good set of beliefs that support your growth and happiness

If like me, your childhood was less than ideal, then you could be carrying belief systems that can never support your growth and happiness

And no matter what happened in your childhood, you will have an upper limit beyond which you cannot go, unless you change your beliefs

And the good news is, you can change your beliefs. I am living, walking proof of that, and on Day 1 of our Retreat, I will take you through a powerful process to uncover your beliefs and change them to support you in the next level version of yourself

The truth is it's impossible to break out of your current patterns until you change you beliefs, no matter how hard you try

When you join us on this very special retreat for a small group of ladies only, you will emerge as a completely new version of yourself, ready to create whatever you choose

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“I am less than 24 hours into my coaching with the remarkable woman that is Yvonne Halling. I feel like she has woken me from a self-induced coma” SK, UK