Keeping Your Content for Yourself

Are you leaving valuable content about you on the internet?

One of the ways to raise your profile online is to spread the good reviews you get around the social media networks, and yes, even brag a little!

To capture those all important reviews from the internet, I use a little program called the Snipping Tool.  It could be built into your PC already, so go ahead and search for it in All Programs.  If it's not there, then search online and download it to your computer.

When you find it,  please watch this little video I made for you about how I use it.

If you have a MAC then just go to You Tube to find a video on how to do it.

You always want to be taking the good stuff written about you off the internet and onto your computer.  It would be silly not to.  You can use these little reviews in so many places, on your website, on social media networks, in communications to your guests and to your prospects, just to name a few.

What you are saying about your B&B is great, but what others are saying is far more powerful..

This is just one of the insights and tools I share in the Bed and Breakfast Magic! Online Mentoring Programme.  Have you checked it out yet?

There are B&B and guest house owners just like you, from all over the world, going through the monthly modules, asking questions, getting help and moving forwards in an easy step by step way, towards a successful and profitable business.

Shelley Wright Thanks Yvonne Halling, I am so enjoying your feedback and all the other topics, absolutely love this program!!

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Yvonne x