Ski-ing, Fishing and Your Bed and Breakfast Business

falling down ski ingI learned to ski at the age of 30. It was never on my radar but my husband at the time and his family were big on ski-ing so I had a choice. Either I learned to ski, or I would be excluded from many holidays. I chose to learn.

I don’t know if you remember the last time you learned something from scratch and just how painful the process is. Well learning to ski is a very painful process, physically and mentally and for me, emotionally too.

But I had chosen to do it, so I went for it. I bought all the fancy gear and turned up to my first lesson with an experienced instructor on a bright, cold morning in Whistler, Canada.

The very first thing that happened was that I fell over! Just keeping in the standing-up position was proving to be quite a challenge for me!

The next thing that happened was that I fell over again, and again and again and by the end of my first day “learning to ski” (we had barely done any ski-ing because I couldn’t even remain standing long enough to master any of the techniques) I was completely exhausted, overwhelmed and I found myself wondering why anybody could actually enjoy ski-ing, when clearly thousands did.

Then I went into blame.  My boots were too tight, the skis weren't right for me, the instructor was useless and on and on blaming everything except acknowledging that I didn't know how to do it, and had begun to lose faith in myself and that of my teacher, even though he was obviously highly qualified and had taught hundreds of others to ski, successfully.

That evening, I was not good company. Everyone else seemed to be having such a great time, and I ached all over, and my belief in my ability to master this stupid thing called ski-ing was at an all time low. To say I was grumpy would be an understatement.

My husband and his family were really supportive and they told me to “just stay in the process” and I would get it, eventually but they couldn’t say when. I needed to trust in myself and trust in the process.

But I wanted to get it NOW! I wanted to skip the process and just get to the goal – being able to ski at a respectable level. I didn’t want to suffer the pain of learning. I just wanted the result, and I wanted it now.

Our culture teaches us that we can get fast results without doing any work. Get rich quick schemes abound, blueprints, quick hacks, secret tricks, just fill in the blanks and you can skip the process and get the results by tea-time next Tuesday.

It just doesn’t happen like that. We have to go through the process, often not knowing when the result will appear or when we’ve actually “got it”. We have to trust and have faith in the process. And we have to believe in ourselves and our ability, which is the mental stuff that so often holds us back.

When talking with people who ask for help, I often use the metaphor which goes like this…. “you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for life” Which do you want?

It really makes them think…. because quite honestly, not everyone has the motivation, energy, drive and determination to stay in faith with the process and “learn how to fish”, especially if they’ve been “taking the fish” for many years. It takes a change in mindset and attitude first and that’s where the growth lies.

Not everyone wants it… and that’s just fine.

It took Ski-ing in Vailme just 3 days of staying and trusting in the process of falling over, getting back up, falling over again and becoming exhausted beyond belief, until I finally got it! I had finally got why ski-ing is such great fun and I finally got what I needed to do to actually ski. It was like a “eureka” moment, and since then my daughters have learned to ski, and we’ve had some amazing family holidays all over the world in the white stuff.

If someone had told me it would take me just 3 days, would it have been easier for me? Who knows? The truth is, we don't know how long the process will need to do its work.  It's different for everyone.  Some people I know learned to ski in a couple of hours, some have never got it.  Everyone is different.

Are you ready to trust the process and learn for yourself just what it takes to grow and maintain a successful, and profitable small hospitality business?

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Let the process begin…..

Yvonne 150 October 2014




“Even though we were closed for 6 months last year while we renovated two of our rooms, our revenue is 20% up on 2013/14, but not only that, I have a business now that is fun! 

Thanks Yvonne”