Sam Bailey, Sharon Osborne and Your Bed and Breakfast Business

Sam Bailey beforeIn the UK, there's a TV show called the X Factor, and this week was the final for 2013.   Being British myself,  I always find a way to watch it 😉 My favourite artist, Sam Bailey won the competition, and I cried.  And so did Sharon Osborne, her mentor, and probably millions of other people, mostly women I expect, from around the UK also cried.  Why?

When Sam sings, she touches something inside of people. Some piece of them that speaks long-forgotten truth.  Her voice, her passion, and her total commitment to singing her song makes us remember on some deep level how we've given up on our own passion, commitment and dreams.

She made it look so easy.  She never put a foot wrong throughout the competition, and of course, she won the show.  But that's not the real story.  There's another story that we don't get to see, and it goes like this.

She waited almost 20 years to enter the competition, all the time singing in local clubs and pubs, putting her dream of becoming a professional singer to the back of her mind, while she attended to her children, her job, her husband, anything that took her away from having to step up.

And then one day, she decided that now was her moment, and went along to the auditions.  That was the first step, and it was a defining moment for her, because what came next, she could probably never have imagined.  The judges were blown away, they cried even, and she was picked to go forward.

Sam Bailey afterSharon Osborne became her mentor, someone who had been there, and knew how it worked.  She mentored Sam, and she grew into a beautiful woman, singing her heart out and giving it her all every week on the show.  Her life will never be the same again.

Why am I sharing this?

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