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Bed and Breakfast owners – why yours will never be like mine

If you're running a bed and breakfast, guest house or inn, then you'll know already that there are a gazillion people out there ready to get you more likes on Facebook, build you a brand new shiny website, install their favourite snazzy online booking system, even offer you a whiz-bang low cost CRM system but unless you yourself understand the fundamentals of how to put these tools to use, you will be at the mercy of what they think is right for your business.

And more often than not, it isn’t

Especially if you’re taking “free” advice from another B&B owner or innkeeper

What worked for me, won’t work for you


Because my guests are different to your guests

My location is different to yours

You are not me

You are YOU

Here’s what will work instead

A deep understanding of the principles of business in this industry based on what you know about your guests, your area and yourself

The basic, timeless principles of business

  • How to attract guests
  • How to enhance their experience by offering them more products and services that increase their spend with you
  • How to have them coming back and referring you to their networks

These fundamentals represent a solid, strong foundation for your business and your peace of mind and without them you will be tossed around like a cork on the ocean in a hurricane, ready to be swept away by the next wave.

If you invest in learning these principles, so that you deeply understand them, then you can interpret them for your specific situation.

It works every time

Occasionally, you’ll get a bad review

Sometimes someone will trash a room

You may even get a no-show or a last minute cancellation

No matter, move on

Get back to the basics again and focus on your fundamental systems to keep your business wheels turning, serving your guests in your way, and you’ll be alright

Yvonne x





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