Are you trying to please everyone?

man boy and donkeyRunning a guest house – an old story for you:

An old man, a young boy and their donkey set off for market

They started walking and after a while, they came across some people

The people said “you fools, why isn’t one of you riding on the donkey?”

So the old man put the young boy on the donkey and they continued to market

After a while they met some more people

The people said “look at that lazy young boy making the old man walk”

So the young boy got down from the donkey and the old man got on

They continued their journey

After a while they came across more people

And the people said “Look at that lazy old man making that young boy walk”

So the old man pulled the young boy onto the donkey and they rode on together

After a while they met some more people

And the people said “Look at that poor donkey having to carry that old man, that young boy and all those bags”

The old man didn’t know what to do, so he thought and thought and then decided that he would carry the donkey

They crossed a bridge, and the old man skipped and the donkey fell into the raging river below and was drowned

If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your “ass” goodbye !!

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