How to deal with bad press in your area

Sometimes bad things happen, and the media gets a hold of it and turns it into a nightmare, especially for the bed and breakfast businesses that depend on custom in that area.

Maybe there’s been a shooting, or a looting or a natural disaster in your area.  Here’s an opportunity to catch the attention of the world and show them a different picture.

While the media are all there with their cameras and giving the situation world wide coverage, use this to your advantage, by posting a blog post, or shooting a quick video letting people know that despite whatever has happened, you’re still in business and looking forward to welcoming them.

Use tags so that search engines will pick you up when people are searching for news on the “big” story.

People are looking for reassurance so do your job and let them know that you can help.  Paint an optimistic, adventurous or simply a better picture of your local area.  Focus on the good stuff and what they can expect when they arrive with you.

Let them know that the media is having a circus but you’re not in it, and they don’t need to be either.

Stand for the positive and let the negative fade away.