How to beat the competition

How to beat the competition (or ignore it altogether)

Do you remember at school, we were taught to compete with others?

Not just in sports either, competing was the name of the game everywhere.  We were all equal, and only the one who had studied the hardest, memorised the most, trained the longest, practised the most would win, and everyone else would “lose” being left to wallow in their shame, defeat and self-pity.

Isn’t it horrible when you don’t win?

In business, and yes even in a small Bed and Breakfast business, we are constantly watching to see what the others are doing. If they’re discounting, we feel under pressure to discount more.  If they’re offering a promotion, we again feel that pressure to come up with something more imaginative.

And to some extent competition is good, but it’s not where the so called “winners” are.

You see, we are all unique.  We are not the same.  We all have special gifts that we need to share.  Our job as B&B owners is to find our unique gifts, strengths, passions and share them with our target market.

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When we find what it is that we are personally interested in, there is no competition.  Let the larger chains discount, let them drive themselves out of business.  You don’t need to follow them.  Add value instead to the guests you want to attract by finding your own “niche” subject and then talking about it.  Then when you’ve found your target market, put up your prices  I dare you!

And here’s the myth….there is no competition, it’s a lie!  There is only creation…. And we all have the power to create.

Go forth and create!