How to be a leader in your Local Community

How to be a leader in your Local Community and get the “powers that be” on Your Side

One of the challenges I hear often from other B&B Owners,  is that local or even national government are making it difficult for Bed and breakfast owners to survive, mainly because they don’t understand their value to the economy.  Here lies a golden opportunity to educate and inform them, so that they will perceive you in a completely different and more valuable way.

Here’s some of the ways in which I did it:

1.    Whenever I need help with anything, I look to my local community first, and let them know what I need
2.    I employ local people, mostly on a part-time basis, and when they’re good, I tell everyone in my community how wonderful      they are.  Everyone knows how much I love my girls who do the rooms, and I show my appreciation regularly to them, in terms of small bonuses to top up their low minimum wage, or small gifts for their families.
3.    I use the local shops for my supplies, buying bread and other yummies from the local baker, meat from the local butcher.  Sometimes I use my local “traiteur” (outside caterer) for my evening meals, if I’ve had a late order, or I just don’t want to cook.
4.    I wrote to the Mayor of our village and laid it all out for him how opening a B&B would add value to the local community.
5.    I did a leaflet drop around the whole village letting them know about my B&B and that I’d be delighted to welcome their champagne producers’ clients, family and friends
6.    I partnered with the local restaurant, so that on the two nights they are open, I recommend my guests go there, and in return they are offered a free glass of champagne.  On some nights, there are only my guests in there.
7.    I contacted local tourist attractions and exchanged leaflets with them, and included them in my Local Guide (I cover this in great detail in my Coaching Programmes which you can find out about by clicking here)

And the list goes on.  By stepping up and becoming a leader in your local community, involving them and helping them to make more money and be more successful, will convince any hard-hearted public servant, given half a chance.  Use every opportunity you can find to make others look good, and remember, action speaks louder than words.
Good luck