Why Bed and Breakfasts don’t need to make online travel agents the enemy

Over the past couple of years, I've been running surveys and questionnaires to find out what troubles the bed and breakfast owners, guest house owners and innkeepers and here's what I found…

They want to learn how to

  • Attract more direct bookings
  • Reduce commission bills to online travel agents
  • Fill rooms in the low seasons
  • Charge more


In reality, these challenges amount to only one real challenge

Small hospitality businesses don’t understand their own value

They’ve been “commoditized by the online travel agents

They are price driven as opposed to value driven

They do not communicate their value well enough to their guests

They don’t understand the amazing opportunities that leveraging the internet and the many (often free) online tools gives them

Which is how and why the online travel agents have become so big and powerful

Their entire business model is built on the ignorance of the hospitality business owners and often their unwillingness to learn

I’m on a mission to change that

I’m on a mission to educate and inspire all hospitality business owners as to what’s possible for them when they take a stand for themselves

On our group coaching all last night, lovely client Marie said she noticed she wasn’t getting the same challenges that so many of the others in the Facebook groups were getting anymore, since she decided to own her value and stand by her own principles with her guests

She’s even taken her foot off the peddle this year because of some important personal events, but is still maintaining the same elevated income level as last year.

The online travel agents are not the enemy

They can and do bring bookings

They have opened us up to the world

They are a great short term solution if you desperately need bookings right now

But they are not the long term solution

Sooner or later you will get resentful of paying those commissions

You will begin to notice that the guests are not really ideal guests for you

You’ll start to feel anxious about not knowing what the future holds for you

You’ll have no idea how to attract more guests, without paying higher commissions to get a higher ranking

You’ll notice that even paying more money to the OTAs doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a place on page 1

You’ll get tired of the competition, discounting, lack of money, lack of time

You’ll get tired of it all

You might even get a sick feeling in your stomach when the doorbell goes

Then one day it could all get too much

And then you’ll start looking for help

This is why I’m here for you

This is why I do what I do

If you're ready to embark on a new way of running your business to increase your income and have more fun, then CLICK HERE to book a call with me now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Yvonne x

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Yvonne Halling is the leading consultant, coach and mentor for small hospitality businesses who want to attract more direct bookings, reduce their commission bill to the online travel agents, fill rooms in the low seasons and charge more.  Need help now?  CLICK HERE to schedule a free no-obligation call with her