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How to Run a Bed and Breakfast Business ONLINE TRAINING

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How Your Mindset, Psychology and Attitude Affect Everything!

Fed up with guests not sticking to your check-in/check-out times or disrespecting your rules? Did you know that you can directly affect all that with the way you respect yourself? It’s scientifically proven now that our energy affects those around us and that includes our guests! In this insightful course, you’ll discover video tutorials and PDF Workbook to help you understand:

How your thoughts are shaping your life and how to change them so you’re confident in standing your ground when guests push your buttons

How to stay in great energy, even when your guests are complaining, disrespecting you or just written a bad review

How to manage your time and delegate the daily tasks so you can focus on the important stuff, and get enough sleep

How to set goals that you can reach and that make you happy

How to set strong boundaries, so you can have a life as well!

“I’ve learned so much from you, and not just about running a B&B”




How to Set Up Your Property for Success

Have you got a process for cleaning your rooms, checking in checking out, basic housekeeping? What about the questions to ask on the phone? Do you have a Guest Information File in each room? Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure you have everything written down, not just for yourself and your team, but for your guests too. It makes life so much easier for you. In this course you’ll find video tutorials and PDF Workbook to help you to understand:

29 basic housekeeping principles for the smooth running of your business

What to put in your guest information file, (and a sample to follow) so you’re not answering the same questions over and over

Be a guest at your own B&B – what to check so you’ve got all bases covered

Sample telephone log forms and welcome letter

“Knowing what to look for is eye-opening”




Tracking Your Numbers – Key Financials

Keeping control of the finances is crucial so you know exactly where you are at any given moment during the year, and compared to last year. Keeping costs under control is also essential, so you can always pay yourself and make some profit. After all, that’s what businesses do, isn’t it? In this essential course there are 4 key spreadsheets for you to download to your computer, as well as video tutorials and PDF on how they work. They are:

Income and expenses, separating out your fixed costs and variable costs. As soon as someone books a room you can pop in the numbers and watch your annual revenue growing (like magic!)

Occupancy rates by room, so you can see for sure (rather than guessing) which rooms are the most popular, for further investment

Cashflow to keep an eye on what’s going on at the bank

Room calculations so you can see how much you need to charge per available room, so you don’t overdo it on the accessories

“The spreadsheets are amazing. I can’t take my eyes of the numbers now!”




How to Find Your Unique Value and Stand Out From The Crowd

Leading with your value, instead of your prices (and discounts) will enable you to charge more and be a beacon for your ideal guests. The first part of this powerful 2-part process will lead you to your unique expertise which you can then package up into an amazing experience for a particular group of guests. This means you can say goodbye to taking anybody and everybody, and begin to attract the ideal guests for you.

In the 2nd part, I will show you how and where to find those guests online, and it’s much easier than you think. Video tutorials, PDF and examples to show you:

How to really know who YOU are and who you’re being for your guests

How to identify YOUR ideal guests

How to find them online and what to say to them when you do find them

“Since doing this exercise, I’m finding more and more that my guests are becoming my ideal guests”




Is Your Website Really Working For You, or Does It Just Look Nice?

Are you wondering why your website isn’t bringing in the bookings for you? Did you or a friend/family member build it? Did you pay top dollar for a website designer? The truth is that website designers (or your friends/family) are NOT marketers. Website designers love the pretty things and that’s important too. But the real job of your website is to bring you bookings and lots of them.

In this two part video tutorial, accompanying PDF Workbook and website home page template, you’ll find out how to structure a website that works as your primary sales tool, instead of one that just looks pretty. Just a few simple tweaks with this information, will put your website front and centre for your ideal guests to find online. Even if you don’t look after your own website, you can give this information to your webmaster and they’ll do the job for you.

Psychology of a website visitor and how you can help them

How to structure a website that works for you – front end

What specific functionality you need to have to run your website – back end

Template to use on your website so you’re covering all the elements in all the right places

“These changes are so simple, but make so much difference”




Would You Like to Free Up Some of Your Valuable Time?

If you’re sending out emails to your guests individually on a manual basis, and repeating the same information over and over, then let me introduce you to some simple technology to take care of this tedious task for you. You’ll not only free up your time, but you’ll begin to build an emotional connection with your guests before they arrive, which is going to make you look far more professional too, and which will impress your guests. Here’s what this in-depth step by step video course with accompanying PDF will help you to do using simple and inexpensive technology:

How to set up a simple, automated (and personal) welcome email

How to add in your timed pre-arrival information so the email arrives at exactly the right time for your guests

How to professionally and automatically ask for reviews and referrals after your guests have left

“This is saving me so much time and it’s so easy to do!”




How Social Media Really Works

Still confused about how to use social media to engage with your guests, past and future? In this detailed step by step video course and accompanying PDF with examples on how to professionally set yourself up on all the major platforms with consistent branding so wherever we meet you online we’ll know it’s you. Trust is crucial on the social media platforms, so to attract more potential guests and re-engage with your past guests, you need to be seen at all the right “parties”, wearing all the right “clothes”. Here’s what you’ll learn:

How Facebook profiles and pages work together to get more exposure for your business

How to set yourself correctly on Linked In Facebook and Twitter to position yourself in front of your ideal guests

How the different platforms work so you’ll know how and where to invest your time for the most return

“I was skeptical about social media to begin with, but now I see how it all works, I love it!”




How to Write Blogs To Attract Your Ideal Guests (and the search engines)

Are you still wondering what to blog about? Did you know that blogging is essential for the search engines, because every time you post a blog correctly, the search engines are alerted and recognise your blog as a new page and another reason to put you in front of your ideal guests. Don’t know what to blog about? In this video course and accompanying PDF, you’ll learn:

Where to find a great supply of topics to write about, uniquely for you and your area

How to structure each blog post, so it’s interesting to read

How to optimize it for the search engines, and therefore your ideal guests

“I have been struggling for ages not knowing what to write about, but now I have so many great ideas”




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