Not your mother’s business anymore

CookiesDid you know that 40% of the world’s entire population is online and connected to the internet?

40% of the entire population of the world! Isn’t that incredible?

According for Forbes Inc. (where I got this piece of information) by 2025 the whole world will be online (except my mum)

But there’s a big difference between being online as a consumer and being online as a business. Most people online right now are consumers and as business begins to wake up to this fact, there will be more and more businesses online in the future.

But right now, the market is wide open.

Traditional businesses such as accountants, dentists, restaurants, hairdressers who rely on personal connections, word of mouth or walk ins, are now using the internet and online technology to generate more customers, keep in touch with existing ones and in some cases, adding additional income streams to their existing bricks and mortar businesses by using the internet.

Take Mozuma for example who offer low-cost accounting services to those very small businesses who don’t want or can’t afford the usual high fees of a traditional accountant.

And my local hairdresser who posts special deals on Facebook and by text messaging her regular customers. She’s never been busier she tells me.

So far, the small hospitality industry is slow to this party.

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It's not your mother's small hospitality business anymore.

Yvonne 150 October 2014