Low Season High Occupancy
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Join me for 5 Days, 15 Minutes Per Day to Learn How to Fill Your Rooms in the Low Season, High Season, Any Season or Whenever You Want

On this Free 5 Day Challenge, you'll learn and IMPLEMENT:

  • Why you need to be capturing your own customer data and what that data can do for you. I will show you exactly where you can find the data you already have and how to pull it out from wherever it is now so you can put it to work for you

  • How to segment your customer data so you can make specific targeted offers to different groups of your guests and why this is important

  • How to identify and decide on what to package up and offer when the bookings start trailing off so you can extend your season and make extra money while having more fun

  • How to select a part of your customer database that would most likely be interested in your offer What to say to them and how to get that offer to them (that means clicking “send”) as quickly and easily as possible