How to create money out of thin air, and is it even possible?

woman thinkingIf, like me you’re in the northern hemisphere, the summer’s practically behind us and we’re hurtling towards the shoulder and the low season. I’m hoping you’ve had a great summer season and that your guests have been good to you 🙂

Whatever has happened this year is past, it’s time now to look forwards to what we can create to keep our bank balances healthy during the slower time.

So is it possible to create money out of thin air? I believe it’s the only way to create money. This is how Apple creates money – from ideas. This is how all entrepreneurs create money – from their imagination, and then implementing the ideas to see what works.

Isn’t that how you created your B&B business? Wasn’t it just an idea, a dream at one point that you turned into reality with your vision, your drive and your energy?

The other day, I had a random phone call from someone who knew someone who knew someone who’d been to our special Reims Wine Festival Weekend in November a couple of years ago and wanted to bring a group of 8 people this year.

Still up to my neck with summer-time guests, I hadn’t even thought about marketing this special weekend package yet, but after rustling up some details from last year, tweaking it and increasing the price a bit, I sent him the information, and within a week he’d confirmed. Bingo!  Money from an idea. Money out of thin air.

‘Course not everything I create turns out right. I’ve done loads of things that didn’t work, like the Global Champagne Day party started online by a champagne boffin many years ago. I had the idea to have a party here in Champagne and invite our past guests and local dignitary – no-one came. It was a complete flop!

I was making it up as I went along, and had no idea how to create a compelling offer.   I’ve got better since then, thankfully, but I had to learn, and there's a process to it.

I remember someone once saying “fail fast, fail forwards” – in other words, keep trying, keep moving, keep coming up with ideas and keep on trying them out.

What ideas have you tried? I’d love to hear from you, so do leave a comment in the box below.

To your success

Yvonne x

Yvonne 150 October 2014

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