Yvonne Halling – The World’s Leading Consultant/Mentor/Coach for the Small Hospitality Industry
“Sizzle” for Bed and Breakfast Rescue Pilot TV Programme

Yvonne’s life in Champagne, France

Yvonne presenting at the UK B&B Show 2015

Yvonne presenting at her 3 Day Retreat in San Diego, USA in 2015

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Yvonne's bio

Yvonne Halling turned her Bed and Breakfast « hobby » business in France, making less than €10k a year, into a 6 figure professional B&B in less than 2 years without any third party booking sites. She won 3 hospitality awards and a coveted online marketing award. She has written a book and presented at industry events internationally. She has been featured in the UK national newspaper, the Daily Mail and in PRIMA women’s magazine and she’s in the process of creating a TV programme.

Yvonne is now the leading recognised expert in helping small hospitality businesses worldwide to make more money, work less and have a whole lot more fun, while still delighting their guests. She has created several programmes and courses and a one-of-a-kind online learning centre where typically clients double and sometimes triple their businesses using Yvonne’s cutting edge proprietary 5 step system.