Loops, Dead Ends and Purposeful Marketing

LoopsOne of the tragedies of marketing, is that very few people realise that it has a purpose.  Yes, they vaguely know that if they don't do any marketing, they won't get any guests, but as to the bigger picture of regular communications and relationship building, it's not exactly clear.

What surprises me most I think is that it isn't that difficult to learn, but so few people actually do take the trouble to learn how to do it effectively, and therefore get mediocre results, not enough guests, and worst case scenario, they hand their marketing over to big machines like online travel agent who often demand large commissions  🙁

Let's take the average newsletter for example.  Newsletters are a very important part of our communication strategy, however, what I find mostly, is bed and breakfast owners talking about themselves, their B&B, their awards, their offers and not talking at all about their potential guests needs.  And the biggest tragedy is most of that is wasted because of no specific calls to action.

Here's an example:

Newsletter item (uninspiring copy about you instead of them) ——–> go here to book (call to action, selling too soon) ———> website home page ——-??????

This is dead end marketing with no real purpose.

Here’s what I recommend you do instead….

Newsletter item (gives them a snippet of inside information, leaving them interested to find out more) —-> take them to a specific page or blog post to inspire them even more —- > Call to action – book now

This is what I call a LOOP.

Everything you communicate must have a purpose, and lead an inspired reader to take some action, but not selling directly to them, until you have lead them to place where booking a room is the right thing for them.

Never, EVER take visitors directly to your homepage and leave them to figure it out on their own.  Your message must be inspiring in the first place, then lead them to a specific page where they can read more and get more inspired, and then your call to action to book, seems like the next logical step for them.  No hard selling at all.

Your blog, your newsletters, your videos, your offers must all lead the reader to the place where you can build the relationship further, and allow them to take the next step which feels natural to them.

This is marketing with purpose.  Try it on, and let me know your results.  Do leave me a comment below.  I love hearing from you 🙂

Yvonne x

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