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How to Enjoy More Control of Your B&B Income, So You Can Keep More of Your Profits and Stop Relying on the OTAs for Guests.

Discover How YOU Can Attract More Direct Bookings, Fill More Rooms and Have More Fun!
In this FREE Online Training, I’m going to show you exactly how you too can:

  • Make fun and interesting offers to your past guests

    on a regular basis without being pushy or bugging anyone, while adding to your bank account and delighting your guests

  • Package up ‘add-on offers’

    that will massively increase your guests’ enjoyment and put more money in your pocket

  • Find your ideal guests online

    talk to them directly and have them interacting with you before they’re even ready to book, so instead of reaching for the booking dot coms, they book direct with you

  • Discover the 3 essential systems

    to turn your B&B, guest house, inn or small hotel into a profitable, fun, lifestyle business that you and your guests love.

When you’ve put these steps into place, your business will become a well-oiled machine that works like clockwork

No More …

  • wondering where the next guests are coming from!

  • at the mercy of paying commissions to those online travel agents!

  • lack of control over who’s coming and what time they’re coming (or if they will show up at all)!

  • of those last-minute cancellations that mess up your cash flow!

  • empty rooms during the low season!

  • discounting, under-charging and worrying about local competition!

  • dreading that negative review!

You’ll be in a class of your own and no-one can touch you.

It’s like having your own eco-system that you control – turn it on or turn it off when YOU choose.
B&Bs, guest houses, inns and small hotels have been practically under siege of the past few years, simply because the onset of the internet left a huge void between you and your guests. The online travel agents filled that void, and now many owners are at the mercy of their rules.

And they can and do change the rules at any time

If you’re feeling under the psychological grip of these giants, you need to join me for the FREE “How to Enjoy More Control of Your B&B Income, So You Can Keep More of Your Profits and Stop Relying on the OTAs for Guests.” Online Training

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