Know thyself

socrates“Know thyself” is a famous phrase reported to have been spoken by Socrates centuries ago, but I believe is even more relevant today

We live in an age where there's advertising coming at us from all fronts.  Where we’re being bombarded by “buy me” subliminal messages everywhere we turn.

On the TV, the radio and now on our phones, computers and any technological device you can think of.

So much so that we can’t seem to turn it off.

It’s almost like an addiction.

We need to stay informed

Keep to up to date with what’s going on

Have an opinion on everything

Be seen

Be visible

Every where

All the time

Do you feel sometimes, it’s all too much?

I know I do

Sometimes I long for quietness, simplicity, an uncomplicated life where I can be free to daydream and just be.  To touch the earth with my bare feet, to smell the roses, feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Which is why I schedule in “me” time every day and sometimes “disappear” for a whole day.

I know that without this time away from the fray, I’d get resentful, irritable and cranky

But it wasn’t always like this.

I said “yes” too often and to things I felt I had to do rather than things I really wanted to do

I felt I had to live up to someone else’s expectations of me

A kind of life designed for me according to their wants and needs, not mine

It took me many years to come to know myself well enough, to be able to say NO

No to other peoples’ agendas that didn’t chime with my own

No to taking on projects that someone else was excited about, but I wasn’t

No to people expecting me to be constantly available for them, but not for me

Being an eternal optimist and hopeless romantic, I know that I need space and freedom to sit and daydream or to be in nature walking in the forest or vineyards where I live and appreciate the beauty of my own little piece of paradise

I know that by listening to inspiring stories, I can sink deep into my own imagination and get inspired myself

I know that I need to check in with myself, my gut instincts before I say YES to anything, rather than jumping in just to please someone else

I know that I need to constantly remove clutter from my life, both physical clutter in the form of paperwork, filing and abandoned projects, and mental clutter that has me running around in circles trying to “get stuff done”.

I have simplified my business

I have simplified my life

It’s a work in progress for as long as I’m alive I need to be vigilant of the creeping clutter due to unconscious decisions I make without checking my gut first.

I need to keep space for expansion

In my B&B, I am open for just 8 months of the year

In my coaching and mentoring business, I am no longer taking private clients.

There’s now just 3 ways you can work with me

If you’re small with 1-3 rooms or you’re just starting out you can join my lively group by CLICKING HERE  for the foundational work

You can also get these foundational pieces via home study at our elearning centre by CLICKING HERE if you work well on your own

If you’ve been doing this for sometime and you have 4 rooms or more then you’ll need more personal help in my advanced group by CLICKING HERE

Group coaching and mentoring is what fills me up.  I love the dynamic of the group where everyone helps each other. Your stories are inspiring and your transformations uplifting and this is where I do my best work.

What do you need to say NO to, so you can live your best life being the best version of yourself?

Leave me a comment below and let me know.  Your own happiness is of paramount importance.

I’m taking a stand for your happiness today

Yvonne x