Join the revolution!

logoToday's the day!  After months of work and talk, we are launching our brand new portal, Stayin.Town.  Here's how this portal is different from the hundreds of others you're probably already listed on….

First, start generating commission free bookings.  Free for you the owner and your guests.  You can quickly connect your existing online reservations system to ours and open up another channel for direct bookings from our portal to your business.  Your bookings are your bookings, they belong to you.

Next, your channel management system.  You can connect your existing system to all of the channels you're currently using for a fraction of the cost you're probably paying right now via our channel management system.

Your one-stop online learning centre.  Our one-of-a-kind online learning centre is where you'll get cutting edge marketing strategies that have the potential to massively increase your business, free up your time and delight your guests in ways that will leave your competition in the dust.

Own a piece of the portal yourself. And the best part is YOU can become a shareholder in this portal, which means that you have ownership.  We're building an eco-system that keeps the money circulating for the benefit of everyone involved, you, your guests and your community.

Join the revolution today by registering your property now by CLICKING HERE

See you on the inside!