Interview with Liz Truckle

Liz and Paul Truckle won Trip Advisor's Best B&B  In Austria in 2015 so I wanted to get Liz's nuggets on what has made them so successful.  Here's Liz's wisdom:

  • Take care of your own energy levels.  If you're new to this business you will be enthusiastic and totally absorbed in the business, until you wear yourself out!  Be mindful up front that you need to re-charge your own batteries regularly before you can properly serve others
  • Be conscious of guests' individual needs, and less focused on how you think it should be.  Not everyone wants to chat at the time you want to, so take care to tune into their needs first and act accordingly.
  • Take time out to smell the roses! Be a tourist in your area, and know what's going on so you can be more valuable to your visitors. I recommend you take your video camera with you and get used to speaking into it so that potential guests get to see you.  Video is one of the best tools we have, so I encourage you to use it!  This business lends itself so well to video.

Here's the recording of our call for you to enjoy, and do leave a comment below to let me know what you learned and anything that you plan to change in your business.



Liz and Paul Truckle's website can be found by CLICKING HERE


Yvonne x