Inspirational Words from a Dying Man

Mike SeddonLast week I was invited to a very special webinar being hosted by an online friend, Mike Seddon who has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and literally has been given just a few weeks to live.

He wanted to share some insights about life, the universe and what really matters.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, I can tell you.

So what did he say?

Well, he talked about the importance of building your business around your life, not the other way round. He talked about taking time out to spend time with your loved ones, and to do things you love to do, regardless of the demands of the business.

He went on about the importance of designing your business to suit you and your lifestyle, and not what society or your industry expects you to do, but the thing that struck me most was this….

While imparting his words of wisdom from his deathbed, he was raising money for a local charity, that were providing home-care for him during his last days. On the webinar event itself, together we raised almost £5000 ($6000) and that figure went up after the event, as attendees shared his story.

And that really got me thinking…..

Recently I asked for some input from you because I’m going to be running some live events later this year. I’ll be sharing the results of the survey in an upcoming blog post, but for now, I’d like to ask you this…..

If we were to run an event in your area, how would it be if we could raise money from the event for a local charity or cause that you support and believe in?

I love creating win/win/win partnerships where as many people as possible can benefit, so not only would you benefit from the knowledge, strategies and expertise I’ll share with you, but your guests will benefit, your community will benefit and we could also include your favourite local cause.

Would you be prepared to gather a group like this?

Why not pop over to my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE and let me know your thoughts.  Let’s start a conversation together on how we can make this happen. What do you think?

See you over on Facebook 🙂

Yvonne x