Bed and Breakfast owners trying to sell a B&B?

Over the weekend, I went to France to do some “work” on my house there.

You may or may not know that I closed my B&B in France at the end of 2016 and the property is now for sale.

In fact it’s been for sale on and off for the past 4 years.

I wondered why no-one had bought it

I wondered why no-one had expressed any interest in it, or even looked at it

I found out why over the weekend

You see I had a “contract” with the house

I had thought in the past that my husband was holding on to it

But it was me



I remember visiting the house 17 years ago when we were looking for a property to convert into a B&B

It was the first property I looked at

I rejected it outright and looked at around a dozen others, and rejected them all

Suddenly, one day, I had the urge to go visit the first house again

And as soon as I stepped inside, I immediately saw the potential of what it could become, which I hadn't seen before

As I walked around the house, I imagined in my mind how it could look and how I could turn it into something really beautiful.

It was as though the house had wrapped its arms around me

It was now mine

That house has served us well

I didn’t want to leave it earlier this year, but I knew I had to

I had an emotional attachment to it that was preventing me from expanding and growing as I knew I could

So my friend and energy healer, Sandy Humby and I went back there over this past weekend and we cleared the “contract”

I am now free to go

I’m excited now about what will unfold

Do you have a property that you can’t sell and you don’t know why?

Email me at

There could be a story that needs resolving before you can let it go

Yvonne x

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