How Bed and Breakfast owners set strong boundaries

Many years ago, when I was just starting out, a woman called me up to book a room in my B&B.

She sounded charming so I booked her (and her little, well behaved dog) in

I didn’t bother to ask her any questions about why she was coming, or if the dog needed any special preparations, or if she had any special dietary requirements

I didn’t even ask her what time she’d be arriving

I just assumed (at the time) that she would let me know

And she did

And then she changed her mind

Several times

And when she eventually turned up, with the dog, it was late at night

She had all kinds of reasons for being late

I felt a bit resentful to be honest, but I let her in

She began to complain about the room and its facilities (clearly stated on my website, which she had obviously not read)

She asked for a better room, but I was full and couldn’t offer her that

She went on and on about this not being what she expected

I started to feel really annoyed with her

Couldn’t wait for her to leave, never to return

This incident taught me a lot of things

I had a lot of loose boundaries

I was afraid to state my terms and conditions clearly

I was “prostituting” myself to grab anybody and everybody with money

I never again wanted to feel the feelings of resentment and annoyance with my guests

Guests need to be totally up to speed with what they're booking – the room, the facilities, times at which they can arrive and leave, what is and what is NOT permissable

This cannot be left to chance

It’s unprofessional and sloppy

Me being in good energy and clear of all resentment and irritation is key to their experience

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If I’d known then what I know now, well…… that woman would never have set foot in my B&B.  In fact she wouldn’t have even called me in the first place

It’s all energy ????

Yvonne x

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