How to Optimize Your Photos

This week I went to the “More Bookings Direct” event in London, and I was reminded of the importance of using images in conjunction with your Google My Business account, YouTube and Google Images to get maximum exposure for your property.

I've made a quick video tutorial for you which you can watch below


If this video was helpful to you, and you'd like to understand more about how Google and many other internet marketing tools and strategies can help you to attract more direct bookings, fill your rooms in the low seasons, and have more fun in your business, then I offer a complimentary Business Breakthrough call. On this call, I will diagnose your problems and give you a plan to solve them.
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Yvonne Halling is the leading Consultant, Coach and Mentor for the small hospitality sector.  Clients typically add between 25% and 100% to their business in one season while working less, paying less commissions to online travel agents and having more fun.  The unexpected side effects of this work can be better relationships, more self respect and confidence and sudden outbursts of joy 🙂  

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