How to make your reviews work for you


When you get a 5* review from one of your guests, it’s really a lovely feeling, right? It creates a great feeling that you’re providing a lovely experience. That’s surely one of the reasons you started your B&B business.

And yet, did you ever wonder if those 5* reviews are helping you financially? Are they actually bringing you as many bookings as they could?

For most B&B owners, the answer is a definite no – but it’s quite likely you don’t realise how true this is.

You see, it starts with the question: How well are you using your 5* reviews to promote yourself to attract new bookings?

Are you leaving them languishing on third party platforms, where you’re a hostage to their priorities, preferences and whims?

Or are you pro-actively using them to spread the word about you and your property?

And are you using them to actively generate new enquiries and bookings – on autopilot?

You may not know this (in fact, most B&B owners don’t), but your reviews, you know those lovely things your guests have said about you, are YOURS, but they’re being actively used by third-party platforms to get more eyeballs on THEIR sites, not yours

Yes, they do promote you a bit, but not specifically you, just everyone who has reviews. What this means is, the goodwill and power of your reviews to get more bookings and revenue are being massively diluted – day after day, all year long. That’s costing you. A LOT.

How can we change this so that your 5* reviews  actively benefit you and your business??

This is a question my business partner, Matthew Newnham and I have been researching and we’ve come up with something that we think you’ll love. (We’ve already had really excited feedback about it from one B&B owner who agreed to test it for us – and by the time you see this, a few more will be testing it also.)

You see, the problem is that most owners don’t like to promote themselves.

They love looking after others, but well, not so much themselves

Self-promotion can feel yucky, boastful, conceited, and no-one wants to feel like that

But how is anyone going to know about you unless you give them a chance to know how lovely it is to stay at your B&B? How they’ll get a wonderful 5* experience that they’ll treasure? And memories that will delight them?

Well, we have a solution to help you, and we’d love to share it with you.

Join us on Thursday October 28th at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK / 8pm Europe to learn about a super-quick and easy way to use those lovely 5* reviews for your own benefit, without you having to do any self promotion or in fact say anything at all about yourself!

We’ll just let what others have said, do the work for you.

Oh, and just to give you a sneak preview, the B&B owner we’ve tested this with already actually squealed with joy when she saw it. She absolutely loves it. We’re pretty sure you will, too.

To find out more, register for this free event, by clicking on link in the comments below

And we’ll see you there!