How to invite your guests to return

One of the reasons clients seek help is because they’re simply not making enough money for the hard work they do, and often feel defeated, worn out and sometimes even ready to give up.  When what looks good on paper doesn’t transmute into a good personal income for yourself, it can be demoralising to say the least.

There’s basically three ways you can make more money.

You can find more guests, which means that you increase your occupancy rate.  You may already feel you can’t cope with any more guests, because you’re already at maximum occupancy and you can’t face the extra work, in which case you need to find some help, so you can take time out for yourself.

You can encourage those guests to spend more with you, thereby increasing your revenue but not necessarily your occupancy rate

You can entice your past guests to come back and refer you to their friends and family, which means you are not spending any more money on commissions or marketing activities because you already have plenty of guests.

All businesses work on this basis, so what could go wrong?

Most people focus on getting more guests.  And yet this is the hardest thing to do.  Getting someone to buy from you for the first time, takes a lot of trust building first, which takes time and money.

Increasing your guests spend is far, fear easier, because like Amazon’s “customers who bought this, also bought that” strategy, trust has already been built and guests are far more likely to buy anything else you recommend, once they’ve booked a room

Enticing your past guests to come back is the easiest thing to do, and yet so few people even think of it.  So let me outline this really simple process that you can put into practice right now to generate some business without paying any commissions, even if you're already sending out regular newsletters

You already have a database of past guests, right?  (Please say you have!)  A database is a list of the names and email addresses of anyone who has ever stayed with you.  It maybe stored in your online booking system software, or it may be just a bunch of emails in your inbox

Wherever it is, get it out and dust it off.  This is your most precious asset in your business.

Now you need to use your creative imagination to dream up something fun and exciting that your guests would love to know about.

Then when you’ve got something to run with, send out 3 emails to those past guests – once is never enough, send 3, with one simple “call to action” that allows them to find out more about your delightful offer

Then see what happens!

If you know you need to do this, but feel you need guidance, then I have some good news for you.

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This isn’t for everyone

If you’re running a hobby business this isn’t for you

  • This program is for hospitality professionals who are serious about their business and who are willing to change what they’re doing to grow
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Can’t wait to help YOU spot YOUR opportunities

Yvonne 😉