How to Increase Guest Loyalty

GroupI’m here in Central Asia again, running a training program for a group of dynamic hospitality business owners, and today we talked about increasing guest loyalty.

Here’s some insights from the group

First we need to understand that loyalty is emotional

It’s not something we do, it’s something we feel

Think of any brand, shop or service that you love interacting with on a regular basis, and then think about how they make you feel

Think about the emotional connection you have

Apple does this really well

They have created a kind of exclusive “club” of loyal customers.

Every time they release a new iphone, they have people literally lining up to buy one, whether they need it or not.

The emotional pull of the brand is that strong.

So how can we, as hospitality owners create that kind of emotional connection and therefore increase guests’ loyalty?

Here’s three things you can do right now

Thing 1

As soon as your guest books with you, whether the booking has come via one of the big channels or not, send that guest a welcome email, confirming everything for them.

Even if your online reservations system or the channels themselves send a confirmation email, send another one from you, using friendly conversational language

You’ve now created the first connection

Thing 2

If your business is mainly tourists, send them some information about your area, insider knowledge on where to go, what to do, who to meet – they’ll really appreciate that you took the time to put this information together for them

You could also offer more of your products and services that will massively increase their enjoyment with you.  Don’t wait till they arrive to offer them dinner or any of your other services, get commitment from them beforehand.

Their anticipation of their stay with you (and the emotional connection) will increase dramatically

Thing 3

A few days before they’re due to arrive, send out another email with directions on how to find you, gently reminding them of your check in times and that you’re looking forward to meeting them.

Now they're hooked and can’t wait to meet you!

Maybe you’re doing some of this already, but not really doing it consistently, or maybe it all sounds too complicated and time-consuming.

You’re already busy, I know, and sometimes we forget.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

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Dedicated to your success

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