How to find your target market for your Bed and Breakfast Business

I've noticed recently, while helping some fellow Bed and Breakfast owners, that some of them are not all sure about who is being attracted to their B&B and why.  From my own experience, this is quite common and was certainly true for me in the beginning when I was running my “business” like a “hobby”, so I can understand how easy it is to just take “anybody”.

While this might work in the beginning, it's not a long-term strategy for creating a real business that you love, attracting guests who love you, and making the kind of income you deserve to make.

This point about “Finding your Niche” is one of the first things I tackle in my Coaching Programmes, because  even if you've been in this business for sometime, but still aren't making the income you want, or having enough time to have a life, the chances are you haven't clearly defined your ideal guest, and therefore tailor ALL your marketing efforts towards attracting them.

So,  if you don't yet know who you want to serve, then let me help you to gain some clarity.

First, let’s start with you:

  • What age range am I in?
  • What is my background?  Where I’ve lived, where I’ve worked, what kind of work have I done that I’ve enjoyed in the past?
  • What car do I drive?
  • What are my hobbies?  What do I love to do in my spare time?
  • What magazines do I subscribe to, or have subscribed to in the past?
  • What do I watch on TV and then love to talk about?
  • What kind of people do I love to be around?  Young or old? Children or animals?
  • What is my ideal type of holiday? Is it adventurous or sun-seeking or learning?
  • What kind of food do I love to eat?
  • What kind of wine (or not) do I love to drink?
  • What causes do I support passionately?
  • What would I love to change in the world, if I could?

Now you have a picture of yourself, perhaps you’ve uncovered some things that you had forgotten about or simply didn’t know.  That’s OK.  So now we have a picture of you, we can match you to your ideal guest, because you need to be part of your target market.

When you know who you want to attract and can position yourself as the “perceived expert” in your “niche” then all your marketing messages will be tailored to that ideal guest.

You see, if you were a keen mountain trekker, and your B&B was by the sea, then it would be impossible to attract your ideal guests, and frankly you wouldn’t have much to talk about.  There would be a mis-match and your relationship would not develop.  Almost like a marriage really!

I hope this helps you, and until next time.