How to fill rooms in the slower seasons

Hi, it’s Yvonne Halling here from Bed and Breakfast and today I want to talk about filling rooms in the slower seasons, and I’m going to give you my 3 simple steps on how to start attracting bookings not only in the slow seasons but whenever you want.

So if you’re someone who’s busy in the high season but struggle to make ends meet in the low seasons, then this video will help you

First, filling rooms in the slower seasons is a direct consequence of your communications during the high seasons.  What do I mean by that?

If you, like so many bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns and small hotel owners do not communicate with your guests, past, present and future at any time of the year, then you’ll have a hard time filling rooms when you most need to

Here’s what to do instead

Step #1

Make sure that you’re collecting your guests details and storing them in a legal, compliant system, from where you can contact them as often as you wish, without annoying them

This means maintaining your own database, that you can manipulate, based on when they visited, what they came for and where they came from

I still don’t see many properties doing this, so when you do it, you’ll be at least 10 steps ahead of everyone else

By the way, the details stored in your online booking system is not enough, because you can’t do anything with it.  I’m talking here about a customer relationship management system, no less.  Do yourself a favour and get yourself one

Step #2

Don’t wait until the slower season starts before you start communicating.  Have a schedule of offers or reasons why your past guests will want to come back, all ready in advance, and begin sending messages to them to get your off season bookings rolling before the money starts running out and your stress levels increase.

You never want to sound desperate, or even feel desperate, because your guests will feel it, even through your emails.

So get your marketing calendar set up in advance for the year so you’ve always got something to offer and promote no matter where you are in your season.

Step #3

Going back to the database I mentioned earlier, you always want to have a steady stream of potential new guests coming into your world, where you can build relationships with them before they’ve even thought about coming to stay with you.  This means creating content, via blogs and preferably on video as video has the greatest effect for you, and sharing it with those who would want to know.  When you’ve got some content to offer, you can then interact with people who are interested, instead of the normal scatter gun approach to anyone who’s listening or watching.

It all comes down to the relationships you build with your guests, past, present and future.

Never forget that

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Yvonne 😉

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