How to extend your B&B season

How to extend your season to bring new guests and returning guests to your B&B

When your bed and breakfast season is dictated by what everyone else is doing,  and the other tourist attractions in your area are closing, it can be a challenge to keep going.  Mostly everyone will tell you, we’re closed now, or there’s no tourists, or it’s not worth staying open.  Maybe that’s true for them, and so we need to be creative.

I first started running a bed and breakfast 11 years ago, and life was very different then, without the internet and the channels of communication we have at our disposal now.  There simply was no way to attract visitors in the low season, because unless we stood outside in the freezing cold during the winter months, hanging a sign around our necks, even the few tourists driving by would have difficulty knowing that we were still open.  And so we closed.

But these days, it’s so much easier to create a buzz, or cook up a storm around something noteworthy going on in the area when the majority of vacationers are warming their toes in front of their own fires.

There are all kinds of events happening in my area during the winter.  All I have to do is write about them, and make it easy for my B&B guests to come back using the media we have at our disposal.  How do we do that?

Take one example, the festival in Epernay called “Habits de Lumiere” takes place on the 2nd weekend in December and is a delight for both locals and tourists.  We publicised it on the social media channels and were booked for the whole three nights.  This would have been impossible without the internet.

My B&B season never seems to be “low”, as there are so many reasons to come to Champagne whatever the season.  How about you?  Could you do a bit of digging around and cook something up to keep your bed and breakfast business going during the low season?

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